First steps to Building Your New Home

No matter where you're at with making a decision to build build your home, Sanco can help. Here are the recommended first steps :

1. Contact the City Planning Department and research your property's exact requirements and limits. Every lot has specific rules and it's helpful to know before taking any more steps. It's recommended to go in person to your City Hall and speak with a planner during regular business hours. No appointments are necessary. Request a print out of the building requirements.

Before you leave, Ask your city planner for a list total fees you will be required to pay to the city before any work can be done. This effects your building budget, so it's also important to know before drafting your plans. You will not get a building permit without paying these first .

Alternatively, you can hire a draftsman or architect who can streamline the whole first step on your behalf for a fee. Over the years we have built strong relationships with drafting professionals. Please let us know if you'd like a referral to get your plans ready.

2. Contact a draftsman/architect. We recommend asking their availability upfront and making in person progress meetings. This ensures that you're making real progress and not being strung along on the phone.

3. Set a realistic budget and make a digital vision board to share with your draftsman and general contractor. We love a detailed Pinterest board.  A picture is worth a thousand words! It's easier to show what you want rather than describe it.

4. CONTACT SANCO FOR YOUR FIRST CONSULTATION. We can build anything your heart desires and we offer the most stress free experience available