Remodel an Existing Home

SANCO has vast experience when it comes to making old things new, adding space and moving features to make the home more functional and open. An important pillar of our business is providing the best possible experience. We know the dread that can come with redoing your space. It can be an invasive and uncomfortable experience if the job isn't managed properly. The key to updating your space with the least amount of stress is meticulously planning all the moving parts. We don't believe in starting a job until all materials are in hand and all the fine details sorted. This ensures no waiting periods and a safer, more comfortable experience.

Improving the aesthetics of your home instead of moving has many benefits. We know the sentimental value of a space can be a worthy reason to stay. Sometimes all of your needs can be met with well thought updates and additions. Whether it's restoring 100-year-old wood floors, or changing quirky features that come with older homes, SANCO can help. We love restoring old homes to their former glory and recommend a consult with our in-house interior designer if you want to make the most of your space.

Another important idea to consider is the aesthetic of rental income properties. Particularly, short term rentals. They're rented based on aesthetic and how photogenic they are on an app. Even a few trendy updates can ensure consistent bookings which leads to a stronger revenue stream. The looks make all the difference.