We are making the digital transition.

Sandoval Construction has been in business for nearly 20 years and we are qualified to work on any building, development or remodel. Unfortunately, it wasn't until recently that we've joined the online and social media community . Until now, we relied solely upon word of mouth from happy homeowners (which was and still is, very effective advertising) and business owners. From this point forward, we plan to share all of our work on the web as well as on our social media platform. We look forward to sharing examples of our work!

Recent Remodels

Renovation/Interior Design

Prospect House

This family home is another example of how any home buyer can purchase a modestly priced home and use the remainder of their budget to reinvest into the property.  We are skilled professionals, and we are well versed with any personal style.  We loved the fusion of modern and traditional and so did our homebuyer!


Renovation/Interior Design

Woodland House

This renovation is a wonderful example of how you can update any home to the present.  We glady offer expertise in contracting AND design so you can make the most of any space. Upon demolition of the dining room walls, we uncovered numerous wiring errors as well as two load bearing beams.  Instead of leaving them the way most contracters would, we freestyled this half wall for an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Insurance Claims

After a fire or flood, we know how to put things back better than before. Even if you are only interested in restoring things exactly as they were, we are here to help. Our team knows how make your house a home again.

Lilac House

This home started as the worst home on the street of a Central Coast neighborhood. It was built in 1919, so it was a full renovation from top to bottom.  Over the years there were multiple additions so we had to be creative when redesigning the interior. This home shows the possibilities of an unassuming rectangle.  All it needed was the eye of a trained proffessional to unlock its full potential.

Business Remodels

Renovating your business is a great way to increase revenue. When customers love the environment, the more likely they are to return with even more customers and so on. Ambiance is everything!  Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective! Even if you're unsure of what needs to be done to improve overall aesthetic, get in touch with us for a free consult. We can  help your business in ways you never thought possible.